Scandinavia Winter - "Why didn't we come here before?" is the general expression of people when they experience the magic of the polar nights above the Arctic circle in winter. A region where you will not only experience the Northern Lights but also feel the scenery through the breathtaking journeys. Last 2 seats on 14th Dec.


Myanmar-Myanmar is about its people as it is about its beautiful nature. We travel through the countryside and experience a hill town like Kalaw from where a British made train still passes through the beautiful unspoilt scenery. Since our start in 2013 Myanmar has been charming people with its simplicity. Come  to Myanmar before it becomes the next Thailand.more...



  • Coastal Karnataka - Bookings full  Bookings now open from Mar 2016.
  • Heritage Karnataka -Hampi, Badami & Bijapur. Dates Announced.
  • Discover Karnataka - Bookings Open from March 2016 onwards every Saturday.

  • Hills of Karnataka - Bookings open for Feb 2016 & Mar 2016.
  • Kerala Kannyakumari 3*- 4* Hotel's - Few seats left for 24 Jan 2016. Bookings open for Feb 2016.
  • Rest of Himachal - Bookings open for Dec 2015. Dates updated for Apr 2016 - May 2016. Bookings started.

Our Expedition Tours

Based on the Expeditions cruises and covering the extremities of our planet, our Expeditions Tours have Greenland Iceland, Antarctica and Patagonia at the forefront. With just 12 people in a group, we ensure that you get the maximum attention while going through the most exciting touring experience, nature wise.


A Weekend at Greenworld Resort

Set in nature and only 14 kms away from Sirsi, is our very own Greenworld Resort. A tranquil place where you would want to walk barefoot on the grass covered with fresh morning dew, or simply relax in the verandah of your cottage, overlooking the greenery. We invite you to check in on any Thursday and stay with us for 3 nights to feel the essence of our hospitality and enjoy the cool weather of Sirsi.


  • Sri Lanka - New departure : 23rd Jan 2016.

  • Myanmar - 05th Dec 2015 - Tour Full. 10th Jan 2016 - Departure : Bookings have Started.

  • South America - 24th Mar 2016 - 02
    seat Left.

  • Bali Solar Eclipse Special - 08th March Departure.

  • New Zealand - 01st April 2016 - 02 Seats Left. November 2016 - Date and Cost will be updated soon.

  • Laos Cambodia Vietnam - 24th Feb 2016 - 08 Seat Left.
  • Scandinavia Summer 2016 - Secure your place with 20,000/- deposit. Only 20 people in a group.
  • Greenland - Iceland - 01st July 2016, Bookings open.

  • East Europe 2016 - Tour Dates and Cost Announced.

  • Turkey 2016 - Tour Dates Announced. Cost will be updated soon. 
  • Antarctica, A voyage of lifetime -2017 January Bookings to open.

The Tour - Country, Equation

Most of the people who plan to join our international tours have already been to the regular destinations such as the U.S or Australia. They have experienced the 'city tours', and unless they see something unique and less touristy, all they would say when they get back home is, "we liked the tour but the country is just ok. We at Anubhav aim at not only arranging a smooth tour through the cities, but also getting you close to the real countryside. We believe that the soul of a country lies in its countryside. We invite all like minded people to this soulful experience, where the country comes first!  


There is more to this North West African country than just the Sahara and Casablanca. There are travelers who have been to Spain Portugal and Morocco and have only touched the cities, which we believe is an insult to this beautiful region. Mountain Villages, Sand Dunes, Gorges, Atlantic Ocean and the unique Moroccon culture is what we ask you to come for.


                           Laos Cambodia Vietnam

A region not new to tourism. Although Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Halong Bay in Vietnam are the popular attractions of this region, you will be surprised to know how the little country of Laos can charm you. Our stay in Luang Prabang in Laos for 4 nights is the highlight of the tour. We believe in soaking ourselves in the countryside and thats what we can do here in Luang Prabang. The overnight cruising on the Halong Bay is also an apt end to the tour.