Myanmar - A neighbor we know very less about. Ang Sang Su Kyi and Buddhism are usually the famous symbols of Myanmar(Burma). However, the people of Myanmar and the countryside make this trip worth it. With the rapid development taking place, we ask you to travel to this unique country before the world discovers it.                              more..


Antarctica  - The biggest continent on the planet. The land of Penguins and Icebergs is a once in a lifetime voyage. We cruise the M/S Fram on Hurtigruten in the November of 2015. We have 6 cabins reserved at a very special price. The bookings usually happen a year before the departure from Ushuaia in Argentina. Call us to know more.




  • Coastal Deluxe  - Seats available from 6th Dec Onwards...
  • Discover Karnataka - Booking Open December Onwards...
  • Hills of Karnataka Bookings started.
  • Best Of Karnataka - June'2015 to Sep'2015.
  • Kerala Kannyakumari 3*- 4* Hotel Only for 16th Oct'14 tour air seats available.  

September To December 2014
There are two travel seasons when Indian's travel abroad. We are thankful to those who have shown interest in our 2014 summer tours and have booked with us. The other season being Autumn - Winter has begun its booking earlier this year than the previous years. We have South America on September 28th, New Zealand on November 5th, Myanmar on November 24th and Scandinavia Northern Lights on December 14th. Plus there are our Turkey, Spain Portugal and East Europe tours that we do every Autumn. There are no discounts for early bookings, because all we do give is an 'unique itinerary'. Write to us or call us to know more about our 'Countryside Friendly' tours.
South America 2015 
The continent is big and it is unique. We treat its uniqueness through our itinerary. Crossing the Andes from Argentina to Chile. Looking at the Nasca lines from 2000 ft above and staying in the Peruvian Amazon jungle are just a few highlights of our tour. The 3 Night stay at the Iguassu Falls lets you spend 2 complete days experiencing the falls from land and water.
We encourage a small group of 16 tourists only. The March 2015 departure is announced and the program stays the same.
  • Turkey : 11th October, 2014.
  • Egypt: November - December 2014, dates announced.  
  • Myanmar: 24th November Departure announced. 
  • New Zealand: 5th November, 2014 Bookings started.
  • Scandinavia, Northern Lights : 14th December bookings started.
  • Antarctica, A voyage of lifetime : 17th November,2015 bookings started.

                   The Tour - Country, Equation

Most of the people who plan to join our international tours have already been to the regular destinations such as the U.S or Australia. They have experienced the 'city tours', and unless they see something unique and less touristy, all they would say when they get back home is, "we liked the tour but the country is just ok". We at Anubhav aim at not only arranging a smooth tour through the cities, but also getting you close to the real countryside. We believe that the soul of a country lies in its countryside. We invite all like minded people to this soulful experience, where the country comes first!  

                   Antarctica & Greenland

The Experdition cruise M/S Fram operated by Norway's Hurtigruten, gives us a unique opportunity of exploring two extremities of our globe. Antarctica to the south and Greenland in the North. Kindly contact us for more info.


New Zealand  From North to Far South


Departure on
5th November 2014